Kaş - in the heart of the dream landscape of Lycia

Kaş, the former Lycian Habesos, is situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean coast. The hotel Lycia is only a few minutes' drive from the center of Kaş and is easily accessible by the main road through the peninsula. The local minibus stops at the hotel every half hour.

In the narrow streets of this ancient port city you'll find many charming shops and excellent restaurants, cafes and bars for every taste and every budget. Untouched by mass tourism, Kaş retains its authentic character.

Kaş is situated on a stunning rocky coast, featuring sand and pebble beaches. The turquoise blue sea is bathed in sunshine for eleven months of the year. The waters are exceptionally clean and the sea temperatures are generally over 20 degrees, from April until December.

Kaş' coast, with its reefs, caves and tunnels is renowned for its excellent diving sites, featuring on the list of best diving locations in the world. Every dive is a special experience: discover the biodiversity of marine flora and fauna, the remains of sunken cities and ships, and the first underwater archaeological park in the world. Diving courses for all levels are offered in several languages by accredited local schools.

Whatever type of activity you enjoy, we have something to offer: paragliding, canoeing, sailing, mountain climbing, cycling, or hiking on the famous Lycian trail ... everyone can experience the stunning natural beauty in their own way.

The Lycian coast has been shaped by ancient culture and there are countless unique archaeological sites to visit - The island of Kekova with its sunken city, Xanthos and Patara, where you can see vestiges of Roman architecture; temples and amphitheatres, the town of Phellos, which was home to the first parliament in the world, and the St. Nicholas Basilica in Myra, Demra, which is a world heritage site.

The Lycia region is serviced by two international airports: Dalaman (Kaş 160 km) and Antalya (Kaş 210 km). From either airport, you can then take the main road by bus, Dolmusch taxi, or rental car, to reach the town of Kaş.

N 36.1856, E 29.5901


Kaş invites you to stroll through its narrow streets, enjoying the garden restaurants, local shops, and the colourful market...

...or visit the little harbor - rich in Lycian History - restored houses, rock tombs, the Hellenistic theater, and the Lycian sarcophagi.

Be enchanted by the wealth of natural beauty in and around Kaş.